Rumoured Banksy mural appears in Torquay

The rumoured Banksy (left) and a confirmed piece by the artist from 2010 (right). Credit: BPM Media

Staff at a Torquay seafront amusement arcade are anxiously waiting to find out if new artwork on their walls has been done by Banksy.

The mural appeared this week at the Golden Palms arcade in Cary Parade.

It shows a barefoot boy tracing the word ‘Disney’ on the wall.

“We’re all hoping it’s genuine,” said Sarah Rainbird, supervisor at the arcade.

“We have no idea who has done it. We have tried looking on Banksy’s website but there hasn’t been anything on there about it.”

If the artwork did turn out to be a Banksy, it would be the artist’s second confirmed piece in Torquay.

In 2010, he made his mark with an eight-foot artwork on the side of the Grosvenor Hotel.

After it was identified as a Banksy, it had a protective frame put around it - but vandals smashed the frame and poured paint stripper over the image.

A board was placed on top of the damaged image and the board was painted over.