Cornwall restaurant hit with £500 bill after family leave without paying

The Alverne Restaurant and Lounge in Penzance. Credit: BPM Media

A Cornwall restaurant has been left with a £500 bill after a family left without paying.

Staff at the Alverne Restaurant and Lounge in Penzance were left stunned after the group of 13 walked out.

They had ordered £586 worth of food and drink before leaving without settling the bill.

The owner of the restaurant has issued a warning about the incident on social media, to alert other businesses.

“One lady in the group started acting out a dramatic performance of ‘choking’ on her food,” the post said.

“They then refused to pay for anything that they had eaten including all of the starters and drinks they had had before, which included a lot of alcohol.

“I tried to resolve the situation as it was unfolding to the best of my ability, but I believe that nothing I said would have made a blind bit of difference as it was seemingly their plan all along not to pay.”

The owner said this was not the first time something like this had happened at the restaurant.

People commenting on the post described the family’s actions as “shocking” and “disgusting”.