Is it a Banksy? Mystery murals appear in English seaside towns

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World-renowned graffiti artist Banksy has reportedly been busy painting new artworks in East Anglia.

Eight new works of art have appeared in Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Gorlestone which have been linked to the artist.

None of the pieces have yet been claimed by Banksy on his official website or social media, but an expert is convinced.

'Banksy at his best'

Professor Paul Gough, who is a Banksy expert based in Dorset, said: "There’s something about the work that we’re seeing right across the East Coast at the moment that looks like vintage Banksy.

A child with a shovel painted on a wall in Lowestoft Credit: ITV

"It certainly looks from the quality of the work, the locations, the messaging that this is Banksy at his best."

The street artist is renowned for his satirical work and social and political messages, and one the new pieces shows children in a vessel with the words ‘we’re all in the same boat’ above it.

A painting of a rat in a deckchair holding a cocktail in Lowestoft Credit: ITV

Other paintings show a seagull above a skip, a child with a crowbar next to a sandcastle and a rat leaning back in a deckchair drinking a cocktail.

Locals are divided on who is behind the new murals.

One passer-by said: "I’ve studied Banksy in quite a lot of detail and we’ve had to unpick of how he works - it’s his style."

Another commented: “I don’t think so but then I haven’t seen an original.

"I’ve heard a lot about him but how can he come down to Lowestoft?"

A painting in Suffolk of three children in boat with the caption 'we're all in the same boat.' Credit: ITV

Where are the new murals located?

The new murals are all located on England's East coast.

They were recently painted and have been linked to the artist, though he is yet to claim them as his own.

They are located in Suffolk, Lowestoft, Norfolk and Great Yarmouth.