Brixham and Bridgwater ordered to replay FA Cup tie after 'refereeing error'

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The tie will be replayed because of an 'extraordinary incident' according to the FA. Credit: ITV News

An FA Cup tie between Brixham AFC and Bridgwater United will be replayed following a 'refereeing error'.

Bridgwater beat Brixham 2-1 in the Extra Preliminary Round fixture at Wall Park on 7 August.

But the tie will be played again on Tuesday, 17 August, at Bridgwater's ground.

Bridgwater won the original tie 2-1. Credit: ITV News

An FA spokesperson said the decision was taken because of 'an extraordinary incident in relation to the application of the laws of the game and competition rules.'

ITV News understands a complaint came from the Bridgwater United management after the match referee incorrectly sent a player to the sin bin.

Ten-minute temporary dismissals, also known as 'sin bins', were introduced to grassroots football in 2019 - but the law does not apply in the FA Cup.

Brixham's joint head coach, Tim Porter, said it was 'unexpected but welcome news'.