Three-year-old girl among five killed in Plymouth shooting, police confirm

  • Watch Chief Constable Shawn Sawyer at police press conference

A three-year-old girl was one of five people killed in a shooting in Plymouth, police have confirmed.

Shaun Sawyer, the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police, confirmed gunman Jake Davison killed the girl and a male relative during a shooting spree on Thursday evening (August 12).

In total, five people were killed and two others injured before Davison turned the gun on himself.

Details of the incident and the shooter's identity were revealed by Chief Constable Sawyer during a press conference at Crownhill Police Station on August 13.

Further details have since been released, including the ages of those killed.

The suspect has been confirmed as Jake Davison.

What happened during the incident

At the press conference, Mr Sawyer confirmed the following:

  • Police received multiple calls from the public at 6.11pm

  • Police officers arrived on the scene within six minutes

  • The gunman was 22-year-old Jake Davison

  • He shot and killed five people, including a "very young girl", before turning the gun on himself

  • Survivors are being treated in hospital for non life-threatening injuries

  • The attack lasted just six minutes

  • There are 13 different crime scenes being examined by police

  • Davison was a licensed firearms holder

  • The gun was described by members of the public as a 'pump-action shotgun'

  • Terrorism is not being considered the motive for the shooting

  • Police believe it to be a domestic incident which "spilled into the streets"

Devon and Cornwall's Chief Constable said he was proud of his officers' response in a press conference. Credit: ITV News.

Chief Constable Sawyer said Davison shot and killed his first victim - a 51-year-old woman - in a house on Biddick Drive.

He then moved into the street, where he shot and killed the three-year-old girl and a male relative aged 43.

Afterwards, he aimed and shot at two local residents - a 53-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man who were known to each other - who are now being treated in hospital.

Mr Sawyer said Davison then entered a nearby park and shot and killed a 59-year-old man.

He then shot a 66-year-old woman in Henderson Place, who later died at Derriford Hospital.

Eyewitnesses said the shooter turned the gun upon himself, the Chief Constable added.

"An event like this touches all communities, all people, no matter where you are in the world," Mr Sawyer continued.

"And the events I will tell you about are particularly traumatic."