Transgender teen from Bath launches crowdfunder to pay for 'freeing' surgery

Transgender teenager who is crowdfunding to pay for gender reassignment surgery
Joe has known he is transgender since the age of 13. Credit: Somerset Live/BPM Media

A transgender teenager has spoken movingly of how he is having to raise money to pay for "freeing" surgery to avoid a long waiting list on the NHS.

Joe, who is 19 and from Bath, says he has known he is transgender since he was 13.

When he applied for testosterone treatment and surgery when he reached 18, he was told there would be at least a three-year wait.

Private treatment could cost as much as £10,000, but for Joe it is a price worth paying.

"It would be a massive weight off my shoulders because I think about how I look every day, multiple times a day.

"I would be able to go in the sea and wear a T-shirt in summer and not feel self-conscious."

Joe says he told his parents he was transgender in a letter when he was 13 but it has taken years for his family to come around.

He says having the surgery and treatment, which will involve removing breast tissue to give a more masculine appearance, will mean he does not have to spend his 20s playing a waiting game.

If his crowdfunder is successful, Joe will have the surgery in London. Already, in just a week, he has raised more than £1,000.

He said: "I am just so happy and so, so grateful to everyone who has supportedme. I expected to get like £50."

Joe's crowdfunder can be found here.