‘Die Emmets': Cornwall anti-tourist graffiti sprayed on Hayle road sign

Anti-tourist graffiti popped up on a 30 mph road sign in Hayle
Anti-tourist graffiti popped up on a 30mph road sign in Hayle Credit: BPM Media

A visitor to Cornwall has been left shocked after seeing ant-tourist graffiti appear on road signs.

In the Cornish language, the word ‘Emmet’ means tourist and the words ‘Die Emmets’ and ‘Emmets r a cancer’ have been spotted on a roadside in Hayle.

Dean, the tourist from Windsor, said he felt unwelcome when he noticed the graffiti which is accompanied by a circle with a black cross in it – a possible drawing of a St Piran’s cross.

He said: "It’s not nice for us to see when we’re visiting and it’s definitely not nice for the people who live here to see this.

"It’s not just that, it’s unnecessary. Some of the local businesses down here depend on tourism, and without us they’ll struggle.

"When you see stuff like this, it does turn you off."

“When you see stuff like this it does turn you off” - Dean, tourist. Credit: BPM Media

It is not the first time that abusive graffiti has been seen in the Duchy this month.

On Thursday 12 August, racist graffiti was located on the cliffs at Pedn Vounder Beach, near Treen St Levan in Penzance.

Dean acknowledges that the influx of tourists can irritate locals but he says he tries to be respectful when he visits the county.

He said: "I get it, I do understand we get on locals’ nerves as we create congestion, but don’t live in somewhere which is a tourist attraction if you feel this strongly.

"I get that some tourists aren’t respectful, and can be rude. But still.

"It’s a bit busier than last year, but not unbearable. We know the county well enough to go away from the tourist magnet areas.

"But aside from this we’ve had a lovely, peaceful and relaxing time."