Cyclist found dead on Dartmoor by unrelated rescue operation


A cyclist has been found dead on Dartmoor by an unrelated rescue operation.

A Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team discovered the body of the man at the Eylesbarrow track near Nun's Cross on Saturday (21st August) evening.

The scene appeared to be the aftermath of a bicycle crash.

The team had been on the way to help a 17-year-old who had fallen unwell on her Duke of Edinburgh assignment.

A spokesperson said: "Sadly the subject was confirmed as deceased and we stretchered him to our RV.

"Our thoughts are with the family and friends at this time."

Credit: BPM MEDIA / Dartmoor Search and Rescue

After returning to the original call, the team treated the unwell teenager, with the team saying she "was already mildly hypothermic":

"A request was made for a helicopter evacuation, and Maritime Coastguard Agency helo 924 was deployed to assist.

"SWAST HART Team also arrived on site at 21:30 and duty of care was transferred to them.

"Because of thick, low cloud cover the helicopter had to abort its mission and so our members stretchered the casualty to waiting Ambulance vehicles on the Red Lake track which leads down towards Ivybridge.

"Our hill parties then walked back in heavy rain and mist to Plym Ford, where they were picked up by Team Land Rovers and driven back to our RV at Peat Cot, arriving there at 02:15."

21 Tavistock team members were involved in the seven-hour rescue mission.