Dolphin joins swimmers in shallow water at Hayle Harbour in Cornwall

  • Watch the moment a dolphin played with people in Hayle Harbour

A group of swimmers in Cornwall received a shock when they were joined in shallow waters in a harbour by a dolphin.

The dolphin played with people in the water near the harbour in Hayle on the evening of Sunday 22 August.

The footage, captured by a passer-by, captured the animal appearing to play with an individual in the water before swimming around the larger group.

A warning has since been issued for people not to get too close to the dolphin if it should reappear, as its behaviour was "erratic".

Witness Helen Williams said it a "once-in-a-lifetime experience".

“The kids quite often go jumping into the harbour. I’ve never seen a dolphin in the harbour before," she said.

"It was just incredible it almost looks Photoshopped.”

Marine wildlife experts were called in to check on the dolphin's welfare. Experts also suggested that if a dolphin, or other similar sea creature, is in the water nearby to you - you should not approach it.