Bristol's Nick Butter runs 200 marathons in 128 days around the coast of Britain

An endurance athlete from Bristol has become the fastest person to run around the coast of Britain after completing 200 marathons in 128 days.

World record-breaker Nick Butter began his Run Britain challenge at the Eden Project in Cornwall in April, and made a triumphant return to the attraction on Sunday 22 August 2021 - after an impressive 5,240 mile journey.

The 31-year-old had hoped to achieve 200 marathons in 100 days - two marathons a day - but injuries early on meant he needed some recovery time.

He still managed to break a record - his fourth one to date.

Nick said: "It feels a relief I think. It's actually the same I feel when you complete other projects. It's just sheer relief when you get to the end and then you start to enjoy it afterwards.

"You get to chat about the experiences you've had, meet people you met all around the country and now I can eat some food, go to sleep and just reminisce for the rest of my life. So I feel good."

A hero's welcome for Nick Butter as he crosses the finish line at the Eden Project in Cornwall. Credit: ITV West Country

Nick was already a triple world record breaker when he took on this challenge. He is the only person to have run a marathon in all 196 countries across the globe and has written a book about his achievement.

His Run Britain challenge, he said, is the hardest thing he has ever done: "This is physically the most difficult thing I've ever done because you don't have any recovery time, you try to take in 8,000 calories, running for 12 hours a day, getting through a new pair of trainers every week and then all of a sudden you're onto the next one. You do it every day.

"So running the world was logistically, financially and more of a strain on everyone I know because people chipped in. This one was a real effort."

The epic run has taken a huge toll on Nick's body. He said: "I had two fractures in my right leg. I also ruined my right knee. Basically just ruined my legs. My right hamstring was the only thing that didn't go".

Nick overcame a host of injuries to achieve his Run Britain challenge. Credit: Amy Bullock / Run Britain

Nick's list of injuries also includes countless blisters, torn Achilles and battling through mental barriers - and he thanks his team for helping him make it through.

Nick Butter's 'Run Britain' stats:

  • Miles completed - 5,255

  • Step count - 12,000,000

  • Hours spent running - 1,400

  • Pairs of trainers - 14

  • Showers - 7

  • Runners who joined in along the way - 1,560

  • Body weight 58.5 kg

  • Body fat 3.0 %

This was not just a sporting achievement. Nick is fundraising for The 196 Foundation - a charity he set up following his 196 global marathon feat and aiming to 'reach every corner of the world' with aid.

Each year it will support one cause, such as buying a wheelchair or building a school, which is voted on by donors.

Nick celebrating his epic achievement. Credit: ITV West Country

Nick is now planning to take a month off to rest but says he will soon be thinking about his next challenge.