Bristol cricket club fear for families' safety in Afghanistan

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Players of the Bristol Afghan cricket club have said they fear for their families' safety since the Taliban have taken over their home country.

Many came to England a decade ago and have still have family in Afghanistan.

ITV News spoke to the team as they played against Bradley Stoke.

Hasti Wirakhil was in Afghanistan last month.

Player Hasti Wirakhil came to England 14 years ago and works as delivery driver. He lives in Easton, Bristol and learned cricket playing on the streets in Afghanistan.

He told ITV News: "It's very sad, I was there last month, I come back. But what I see in the news and hearing from people it's horrible. It's so sad. Lots of people lost their houses, jobs, lives. It's very upsetting."

Rafiq Khan says his cousin was killed by the Taliban 6 weeks ago.

Rafiq Khan is an asylum seeker who came to the UK in 2015 leaving behind his father, mother and sister.

His cousin was a member of the Afghan Army and Rafiq says he was killed by the Taliban six weeks ago.

"I miss my cousin, he died one and a half months ago. They shoot him when he came to back from leave in the Army. I really miss him and my whole family. It is really difficult at the moment."

Rafiq's cousin was a member of the Afghan Army. Credit: Soldier

Sher Muhammed says his father was also killed by the Taliban.

The 28 year old came to the UK when he was just 13 and was placed with a foster family.

Sher said: "Obviously my Dad has been killed. I had to leave my family at the age of 13, who would let their child go and disappear? Obviously I did not have a choice. I had to leave."

Many of these men come from Laghman province, 2 hours east of Kabul in Afghanistan.

Their families may not be on the front line of the conflict now, but in the last three decades they have experienced true hardship and survival.