Warning not to get too close to dolphin seen swimming with people in Cornwall harbour

  • Video from BPM Media

Marine conservationists have issued a warning after a dolphin was seen swimming with people in a Cornish harbour.

Video footage of the dolphin playing with swimmers in Hayle harbour was captured on Sunday 22 August.

A number of people, including children, were already in the water when the dolphin suddenly appeared and started splashing them.

The video has been widely shared but conservationists have warned people to keep their distance if the animal reappears.

‘Dolphin’s behaviour was escalating’

Dan Jarvis, of British Divers Marine Life Rescue, said: “It became obvious that the dolphin’s behaviour was escalating and becoming more erratic, so we were very concerned that someone would get injured.

Liz Sandeman, who is co-founder of Marine Connection, drew comparisons with another dolphin which used to visit the coast of Dorset.

“The last such dolphin in the region, which had become known as ‘Danny’, frequented the coast of Dorset and was killed in December 2020 after being struck by a boat propeller,” she explained.

“Dolphins are powerful marine mammals and have been known to, albeit unintentionally at times, seriously injure people when thrashing their tail or even butting them with their snout.”