Four cockapoo puppies vanish from Gloucestershire house

Police are trying to chase these four cockapoo puppies. Credit: Gloucestershire Police

Gloucestershire Police are appealing for information after four eight-week-old Cockapoo puppies disappeared from a house in Berkeley on Saturday (28 August).

The homeowners at the house on Vinecroft Road in Wanswell believe intruders took the puppies between 11.30am and 12.55pm. Other items had been moved within the house but it is not known if anything else was taken.

One of the puppies; a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle. Credit: Gloucestershire Police

The puppies are a chocolate brown tri-coloured boy who has yellow eyebrows and markings on his legs; a chocolate girl with a tiny spot of white on her chest; a chocolate girl with white back paws and white on her chest; and a black girl with ginger eyebrows, a ginger muzzle, ginger legs and white on her chest.

One of the missing puppies. Cockapoo puppies can sell for well over £1000 each. Credit: Gloucestershire Police

Investigating officers are currently conducting house to house enquiries in the area and are asking anyone with information, or who witnessed suspicious activity, to get in touch.

Information can be submitted by completing the following online form and quoting incident 273 of 28 August: 

Another of the four puppies. Credit: Gloucestershire Police