Owner's desperate appeal after six-day-old foal goes missing from Devon farm

The foal went missing from the farm over the weekend. Credit: BPM Media.

A desperate appeal has been launched after a six-day-old foal went missing from a farm in Devon.

The owner says that there is a real concern that the horse, named The Prettiest Star, will not survive unless she is reunited with her mother.

The foal disappeared from Bartonhill Stud in Holsworthy at some point during the night on Saturday, August 28.

Police have been informed of the disappearance after the owner said she was concerned the foal had been stolen.

"It's most likely she will die as she won't survive without her mother who is flooding with milk. It's her first foal," Nikki Tozer, the owner explained.

"We have now been looking for her for two days and even had the help of a drone to look across the fields.

"We have not been able to find any evidence of her just disappearing on her own or having fallen in a ditch. We have explored all the logical things that could have happened which is why we think she was removed.

"I'm devastated because we were going to keep her. She is stunning.

"I'm just hoping that if she has been taken then someone will do the right thing and pop her back into the field where she belongs."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the owner on 07816 688305. The crime reference is CR/074893/21.