Shredded Banksy artwork 'Love Is In The Bin' back up for sale - and it could go for £6M

A Banksy painting which partially shredded itself after being sold at an auction is going back under the hammer.

The Bristol-based artist’s work ‘Girl With Balloon’ was sold for £1.1million three years ago – a record for the artist.

But immediately as the gavel struck, the piece of art began to shred itself.

The paper canvas passed through a secret shredder hidden placed in the frame by the elusive artist, destroying the bottom of the piece.

The painting was re-titled Love Is In The Bin after the shredding left it showing nothing but a solitary red balloon left on a white background in the frame.

The moment the artwork began to self-destruct was captured on video.

It goes back on auction at Sotheby's in London today (Thursday 14 October) and has an estimated selling price of between £4million and £6million. The painting is accompanied by a Pest Control Certificate of Authenticity.

The listing says it was a gift from Banksy for someone's private collection before the first sale in 2018 saw it self-destruct.

The elusive street artist said the painting was supposed to shred entirely, but a fault with the mechanism meant it stopped halfway.