Is there really a heatwave on the way for the South West?

Beach at Felixstowe in Suffolk on a sunny day with fair weather clouds
Credit: Melanie Jay

Temperatures in the next week could reach the high-20Cs - with the potential for the weather to be hotter than we saw at any point throughout August.

The summer of 2021 has brought with it its fair share of extremes - there was flooding, a prolonged heatwave and even a named storm.

Yet statistically, June, July and August came out as only slightly different from average.

Often as the autumn months start, there is a bit of a return of summertime and this year looks set to be no different.

The past few Septembers have given the goods and it looks like we could see some heat returning next week - to the tune of the high-20Cs.

This means next week's temperatures could be higher than any of the maximums we saw throughout August.

We reached 23.7C at Westonbirt on the August 4 and 24.1C in Plymouth on August 29.

Although we may keep slightly higher than average temperatures for some time, the long range forecast mentions more changeable conditions.

This is often common in September as the Atlantic hurricane season is in full swing and those huge weather systems really churn up the atmosphere, making what we see on the other side of the ocean a few days later very difficult to forecast.