Walker finds unexploded World War Two bomb on Somerset beach

Bomb found on the beach in Somerset
The bomb was found on a beach in Somerset. Credit: HM Coastguard Watchet.

Emergency services were called to a beach in Somerset after a walker found an unexploded World War Two bomb.

The coastguard posted an update on social media after the walker' find on Lilstock Beach near Bridgwater on Sunday, September 5.

The post said crews assisted officers from Avon and Somerset Police in helping to identify the object after the walker had reported it.

In the statement, the coastguard said: "Upon arrival at the exact location our team members that were present identified the item as a legacy military projectile from the World War 2 Range that used to be up in the fields above the beach."

HM Coastguard Watchet crews at the scene. Credit: HM Coastguard Watchet.

The bomb was only visible because of low tide - so crews only had a limited amount of time to evaluate the object.

The statement continued: "With over 45 years experience of dealing with this sort of ordnance and finds by the three team members, the projectile was photographed and exact location recorded for forwarding to the military EOD team to attend at a later stage.

"EOD were unable to get to the scene in time before the tide had recovered the projectile, so a further attendance at scene on the next low tide is being arranged."