Mystery donor posts £100 through letterbox of Cheltenham mum relying on foodbanks

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A single mother who relies on food banks to feed her children has told ITV News that a mystery benefactor has restored her faith in humanity.

An envelope was posted through the letterbox of Nicole Tierney's Cheltenham home containing £100 cash.

There was no clue to the donor, only the note on the front which read 'Random act of Kindness, please pay it forward.'

The mystery envelope Credit: 07092021_ENVELOPE_ITV

Nicole said: "I am on universal credit and I've had to use the local foodbank over the last year or so which has been really hard for me and the kids.

"On Friday morning I came down with the kids and sat on the sofa. The kids brought the letter through to me.

"Totally astounded. I've asked all my friends many times over and no one has stepped forward. I have no idea who it was.

"If they do know me, they will know how much it means to me and if they don't I hope they will find out how much it means to me.

"It's restored my faith in humanity, it shows with all the doom and gloom that's in the world at the moment humanity is essentially good and there are very good people out there who want to help."

Nicole, who recently graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a degree in advertising, said she had spent the money on food for her children, fuel and 'a naughty takeaway.'

She said she would 'pay it forward' when she has money, but would help people in non-financial ways in the meantime.