Plymouth pub only wants vaccinated customers 'to protect elderly regulars'

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The landlords of a Plymouth pub have explained why they have made the decision to only allow vaccinated customers inside.

Martin and Shelly Jones, from the Minerva Inn, say they are trying to protect elderly, potentially vulnerable, clientele - who have stayed with the business throughout the pandemic.

The Minerva Inn is believed to be the oldest pub in Plymouth. Credit: ITV News

Martin said if he thought he was discriminating, or breaking the law, he would change his policy but for the time being he says the double-jabbed policy will stay, at least until the rates of Covid-19 start to drop significantly in the city.

Martin said: "The reason behind it is that a lot of our regulars are, I would say, 55 plus, on average.

"When things opened back up, they said they didn't want to come back if there was loads of youngsters there not double-jabbed, not protected.

"We know that being double-jabbed isn't the be all and end all. It isn't going to be 100% accurate, but it's more of a certainty than not being jabbed at all."

He said it is a "temporary measure" and is in place for "the welfare of customers and staff".

"I don't like turning people away, but our regulars are the ones who turn up week in, week out, and they've supported us throughout the pandemic," he said.

"They're also the ones who were concerned about getting Covid, so we wanted to look after them.

"This isn't beneficial to us as a business, we're actually losing business because of it."

Most regulars at the pub have accepted the decision. Credit: ITV News

Landlady Shelly Jones said: "I even had to turn away my own daughter, she hasn't had any jabs yet. She turned up at the door and I said I'm sorry, I can't let you in.

"I know it doesn't stop it spreading, I know you can still catch it and pass it on."

Customer Grim Smith said: "I am all for it, no problem. I am into my 70s, I've had both of my jabs, I really don't see why people object to this kind of stuff."