Geronimo the alpaca controversy continues as supporters march on Downing Street

A war of words has broken out over whether Geronimo the alpaca had bovine tuberculosis (TB) when he was culled by Government vets.

Supporters of the animal’s owner, Helen Macdonald, claim the initial findings of a post-mortem examination show Geronimo did not have the disease.

But Dr Christine Middlemiss, the UK’s chief veterinary officer, said “a number of TB-like lesions were found” during the examination and further tests were to be carried out.

ITV West Country's political correspondent David Wood reflects on the ongoing dispute...

Geronimo proved controversial whilst alive and now he is dead controversy still follows him.

His supporters and the Government disagree about the early results of the post-mortem of his body - but they do agree that they are preliminary.

I get a sense from both sides they believe they will be proven right in the end and both sides are confident - that means the disagreement will only become more bitter.

Geronimo the alpaca was removed from a farm in Wickwar on August 31 by police and Defra officials Credit: PA

We will now have to wait a few months, potentially until Christmas, before the full results are released and conclusive proof of Geronimo's health will be clear.

While the wait goes on I think anger will only continue to build amongst the supporters of Geronimo, they are now investigating the possibility of legal action against the Government.

Supporters are already angry about how the animal was taken away from his farm and the suggestion that he did not have TB is only adding to their anger. 

Geronimo's supporters are calling for the resignation of the Chief Vet and the Environment Secretary George Eustice, I don't think there is much chance of that at the moment.

In fact the Government seems to be digging in and refuting the suggestions the alpaca did not have Bovine TB.

The argument around Geronimo and his death was already very passionate and bitter, that has only increased today and supporters say they want justice and their fight is nowhere near over. 

Helen Macdonald, Geronimo's owner, vowed to fight for animal rights in “honour” of Geronimo at a protest in Westminster.

She said: “Geronimo was a blessing in my life. He touched the world. He was loved and precious to very many people and he lives on.

“I miss him. But I will do him the honour of fighting for him and making sure his legacy lives on for all animals.”