Plymouth dog catches bus into town after escaping from owners

A Plymouth woman has been praised for appealing to Patch's owners on social media. Credit: BPM Media

A dog in Plymouth had a day to remember after escaping its owners - and boarding a bus in to town.

Patch managed to escape his owners and boarded a Citybus heading into the city centre on September 7.

Passengers noticed him get on the bus with someone - who they believed to be his owner - but soon realised Patch was actually travelling alone.A woman has since been praised for appealing to Patch's owners on social media and waiting with him until they were able to collect him.The kind-hearted bus passenger even popped into a shop on Royal Parade to buy the pooch some water after his unexpected trip.Appealing to the owners, she wrote a message on her Facebook page, which was then shared on various social media groups including "Plymouth (UK) pets lost & found".Sharing a photo of Patch on the bus, the thoughtful passenger said: "This dog got on the bus earlier with who I thought was his owner but he belongs to no-one on the bus....

"Anyone know who owns him? Got on at Saltash Road! Currently on his way to town on the 21, beautiful boy!"Sharing the message on 'Plymouth (UK) pets lost & found' group on Facebook, group founder and local legend Dawn Lapthorn later confirmed that the dog had been reunited with his owners: "Reunited. Dog is safe being looked after by CityBus," she said.

Sharing a photo of Patch on the bus, a spokesperson for Plymouth Citybus joked: "We get some odd things in lost property, but today was a particularly odd tail!"After passengers noticed he hadn't brought his human with him, he spent some time at our Royal Parade Travel Centre before being reunited with his owner and taken back to fur-miliar surroundings."