Service to be held in Hayle to remember life of heroic 9/11 victim Rick Rescorla

September 11, 2021 marks 20 years since the World Trade Centre was attacked in New York and two services will be held to remember the heroic Cornishman Rick Rescorla.

He was born and raised in Hayle, Cornwall. He was a soldier, a police officer and was then appointed as Director of Security at Morgan Stanley, located in the South Tower.

When the second plane stuck at 9.03am, he decided to stay inside the tower and help usher 2,687 people to safety.

The South Tower collapsed at 9.59am and Rick Rescorla died, trapped inside.

The Rick Rescorla Memorial is opposite his childhood home in Penpol Terrace, Hayle. Credit: ITV West Country

In Hayle, two services will be held on Saturday 11 September at the Rick Rescorla Memorial, opposite his childhood home in Penpol Terrace.

At 8.46am there will be the first service, organised by Trevor Smitheram who is President of the Hayle Old Cornwall Society.

Then, the Royal Cornwall Parachute Regimental Association will hold a second service at 2.59pm UK time. This coincides with the New York time when the second plane stuck.

There will be a range of local figures in attendance including, the Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, the Deputy Mayor of St Ives and the Mayors of Hayle, Falmouth, Reduth and Camborne.

Rick Rescorla served as a paratrooper in Cyprus and Vietnam. Credit: ITV West Country

Tom French, the Events Manager for the Cornwall branch of the Parachute Regimental Association, said: "These events shouldn't be forgotten. Rick Rescorla was a paratrooper and helped saved thousands of lives."

Steve Benney, the Mayor of Hayle, said the 20th anniversary is an important day for the town to remember a local hero. He said: "His determination and his natural leadership skills saved many thousands of people.

"Sadly, 3,000 people still lost their lives. But it could have been far worse without the efforts of this one man."

Rick attended Penpol School, Hayle in the 1940s. Credit: ITV West Country

In the 1940s, Rick attended Penpol primary school. In 2003 his wife, Susan Rescorla kindly donated to the school to create a wildlife garden in her husband's name.

The memorial garden is used by all the children to learn about nature, explore and create their own little adventures.

Rick's wife, Susan Rescorla, donated to the school in 2003 so that a wildlife garden could be created. Credit: ITV West Country

Lesley Allen, the school's forest leader, said: "They learn to light fires, build shelters, cook on the fires and learn about flora and fauna. It is very important for children to learn about where we live and how it impacts us."

The school's headteacher, Chris Coyle-Chislett added: "Rick gave the ultimate sacrifice to save thousands of people. That is a huge story for our children to understand. This garden represents, I suppose, how we live that out."

The headteacher of Penpol School said Rick Rescorla's story is taught in assembles every year. Credit: ITV West Country

The selflessness of Rick Rescorla will always be remembered, by Penpol School, the town of Hayle, Cornwall and people across the UK and America.

In 2019, President Donald Trump awarded Rick Rescorla the Presidential Citizens Medal, America's second highest civilian honour. Since his death, Rick has been given more than 60 accolades in his memory.