The Devon version of Stonehenge that nobody wants to buy

The lookalike Stonehenge display in Devon is available to buy. Credit: BPM Media

A lookalike version of Stonehenge on display in Devon is up for sale - but nobody seems to want to buy it.

Auctioneers tried to sell the stones - which are currently on display on the grounds of a property in Chagford - at the weekend.

They were expected to sell for around £4,000 but did not attract any suitable bids.

Robert Pyle, of auctioneers P G & R J Pyle, admitted the stones are not “everyone’s cup of tea”.

“They didn’t sell,” he said, speaking after the auction closed.

“It’s at a property at the moment, but the owners of the property are selling - and they want to sell this, too.

“They bought it a few years ago and they’re reluctant to just give the stones away for free.”

There are 17 slabs in total, and any new buyer will need to use a JCB to move the stones to a new location.

Mr Pyle suggested the display - which is still available to buy - would suit an “eccentric”.

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