Devon man circumnavigates mainland Britain on paddleboard

  • Watch the moment Brendon Prince completed his incredible challenge.

A man from Devon has successfully circumnavigated mainland Britain on a stand up paddleboard.

Brendon Prince arrived in Torquay on Tuesday evening (September 14) almost five months after he set off from the same location.

It makes him the first person to ever complete the challenge, creating a new official world record, and also sees him break the world record for longest ever journey by stand up paddleboard.

A crowd welcomed Brendon onto the beach in Torquay and he was flanked by a group of fellow paddleboarders in support.

The moment Brendon stepped onto the beach after completing the challenge

With his feet firmly back on Devon sands, Brendon said: "With the right awareness, the right skill level, the right equipment, and the right team supporting me, you can do anything - and I've proven that now."

The adventurer took on the challenge to raise awareness about water safety and raise money for charity.