Bristol mayor describes moment Afghan families were welcomed to the city

The Mayor of Bristol has described the "special" moment he welcomed families from Afghanistan to the city.

Six refugee families have been re-homed in Bristol after being forced to flee the country when it was taken over by the Taliban.

Marvin Rees said he was honoured to host a number of families at City Hall.

"I just said 'Welcome to Bristol' and they shared their story and their situation and the eagerness with which people are looking to transition their skills - someone who's just completed their MBA, an accountant, a thirteen year old boy with aspirations to join the UFC."

The city has committed to taking in a total of fifteen families so far. But the Mayor stressed the need for support from central government if they're to take in greater numbers.

"Our commitment has been to support as many people as we can but we have to do it in line with the resource that's made available to us." he said.

"That resource needs to come from national government. We can't bring people here and then leave them isolated, unable to support them, that wouldn't be good for anyone. So that's the conversation we're having with the government."

He also emphasised that taking in the families is not putting added pressure on the city's social housing.

"People are moving into private rental homes. We've had a number of private landlords come together. It's a real source of pride in Bristol. Nearly five hundred people have come forward with offers of help."