Fred and Rose West: Reopened: Viewers react to new ITV documentary about Gloucester killers

Fred West is thought to have murdered at least a dozen young women, while his wife killed at least ten. Credit: ITV.

When the first episode of Fred and Rose West: Reopened documentary aired last night, social media was flooded with dialogue based on the mixed reactions and opinions from viewers. 

The documentary re-examines the murders carried out by a couple based in Gloucester, who between them killed at least a dozen young women, between 1967 and 1987.

Fronted by journalist Sir Trevor MacDonald, the ITV two-part series also raised questions on whether the notorious serial killers could have killed more people and if they did, where they put their victims.  

One twitter user from Gloucester shared how the program took her back to growing up in the 90’s near the West’s family home. 

After nearly thirty years, the pair's murderous past was finally exposed after they were caught and arrested in 1994. Their crimes generated headlines across the UK, as well as at home in Gloucestershire.

In 1995, Fred West took his own life while awaiting trial. Rose West, meanwhile, was given ten life sentences the same year.

But not everyone was in favour of the documentary.

"We know they were sick, depraved individuals," one user opined.

"Do we really need to revisit their heinous crimes? I feel for the victims families."

"Let them rest in peace," they added.

But, this wasn't the general consensus across social media, and many twitter users joined in with the investigation.

The episode suggests sites in the Gloucestershire may hold the key to finding where more bodies of victims could be buried.

The Clean Plate Cafe in Gloucester was searched for two weeks last May after evidence was handed to the police by the documentary team - but no remains were found.

Mary Bastholm has never been found after disappearing in 1968, aged 15.

Viewers Tweeted where they thought other potential victims of Fred and Rose West might be.

"Mary Bastholm is under the cafe, no doubt about it. Gloucester Police should do a more thorough search of the premises. Fred West had all the opportunity," said actor and journalist Andy Gibson.

Another, quoting a figure mentioned in the documentary, suggested that "there's much more than 20 unknown victims."

Impressed with the first episode of the documentary, fans of Trevor MacDonald described him as the best in his field and praised the show. 

Mr Gibson wrote: "Sir Trevor McDonald really is the best in his field. The standard-bearer for all Broadcast Journalists. He leaves no stone unturned."

Meanwhile a self-proclaimed "proud nanny of 4" took to Twitter to say: "Absolutely brilliant piece of investigative television.

"New insights into this case made all the more credible by input from Colin Sutton. ALL victims deserve justice and Gloucestershire Police are hopefully having a few squeaky bum moments having their less than thorough investigation and searches highlighted."

Gloucestershire Police have confirmed that having reviewed all the evidence provided to them by the documentary team, they will not be commencing any new digs.

A spokesperson told ITV News: "After careful assessment, we do not believe the evidence submitted to us at this time meets the threshold to justify further searches in the location identified.

"However, as with all cases, we will review any new evidence submitted to us."

The second and final episode of Fred and Rose West: Reopened airs tonight at 9pm on ITV.