Cornish holiday park claims Game of Thrones filming is driving guests away

16-09-21 Game of Thrones prequel filming on Holywell Bay-Cornwall Live/BPM Media
The site where the new Game of Thrones prequel is being shot. Credit: Cornwall Live/BPM Media

The owners of a holiday park say that some guests have left early because of the noise coming from filming for the Game of Thrones spin-off series.

The Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon is currently being shot at Holywell Bay on National Trust land.

But the owners of The Meadow Holiday Park located next to the National Trust site, say it has been a nightmare as a result. The charity has said however it has been in touch and is working with them to resolve the issue.

The owners of the park Dave and Krys Humphrey say they have had guests leave this week because of the noise from the site lasting from 5 am to 10 pm.

Credit: Cornwall Live/BPM Media

They say the situation could be improved if generators were moved to the opposite side of the car park but claim they were told this was not possible.

Krys said: “Every time the National Trust rent out their car park for a lot of money we get disturbed. The car park is quite big and they could easily put the generators and lorries on the far side of the car park which would make things better.

“They are located next to the riverbank which is just a couple of metres from our holiday homes. We have asked them to move the generators but they say they can’t. The National Trust won’t reply to anything.”

In response, the trust has said it has had regular correspondence and discussions with the couple about the issues and has been working with them.

Some members of the cast of the show. Credit: Cornwall Live/BPM Media

Krys said that when they spoke to staff from the film production company about the problems it was suggested that those affected might accept a gift to apologise.

She claims: “They said ‘perhaps we can give them a hamper and they will be happy’, I said, 'no, we will only be happy if the generators are moved'.”

“We have had some people leave this week because they were being disturbed so much - people come here on holiday because it is peaceful, they do not expect this noise.

“We have been told that it could continue for another three weeks - I have some guests booked in who have a baby and others with a lady who is 94. It’s not fair.”

The couple had a meeting last night with the National Trust and the film production company and have also asked Cornwall Council's environmental health team to investigate.

In a statement, the National Trust said: “We have had a report that filming has caused disturbance to the holiday park at Holywell Bay. We have met with the park owners and are working with them and the production team to try and resolve these issues.

All filming taking place means vital income to the area and contributes to ongoing care for Holywell Bay, keeping it special for everyone, forever.”

Credit: Richard Whitehouse, Local Democracy Reporting Service