Great Bristol Run 2021: Everything you need to know including route, road closures and diversions

The Great Bristol Run takes place every year - but this time round, the 10k will go through the city centre.

The Great Bristol Run is set to take place this weekend and will see 12,000 professional and amateur runners arrive in the city from across the UK.

This year's event takes place on Sunday, September 19 and will look a little different to previous years after the coronavirus pandemic saw 2020's races cancelled.

One of the main changes is that the 10km race and the half marathon are taking place on the same day - for the first time ever.

Another new addition is the requirement that all competitors complete an online health assessment.

Runners taking part in a previous 10k.

This means anyone who has not received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine or recently tested positive for the virus and recovered must submit a test result before competing.

Race organisers say a lateral flow or PCR negative test result will be accepted.

A one-way system will be in place, as well as arrival and approximate start time slots for runners, and organisers say there will be no official warm-up.

Timings and arrivals

The event is staggered throughout the day through colour-coded 'waves'.

This is to manage the number of runners taking part.

Those competing must make sure they arrive at the arrival zone at the time allocated to them on their number.

On arrival, runners must approach the Arrival Zone via the one-way system from the East of Bristol City Centre (Queens Square and Temple Meads direction).

Runners warming up at a previous 10k event - though there will not be an official warm-up this year.

From there, those competing will be directed to the Assembly Zone ahead of the start line on Anchor Road.

All runners should have received a run number, with a timing chip on the back. This will automatically record each runner's time as they cross over each timing mat, as well as at the finish line.

The day's races will commence as follows:

  • 8.30am

Runner assembly areas open – Main event and Family Mile

Family Run Arrival Time

Orange Wave Arrival Time

  • 8.45am

Start of the Great Bristol Family Run

  • 8.55am

Start of the Great Bristol Wheelchair Race (10k)

  • 8.58am

Start of the Great Bristol Run Visually Impaired Challenge (10k)

  • 9am

White Wave Arrival Time

Start of the First wave - Great Bristol Run - 10k fast paced and Half Marathon (HM) Orange

  • 9.30am

Start of the Second wave – HM White

Green Wave Arrival Time

  • 10am

Start of the Third Wave – HM Green

Red Wave Arrival Time

  • 10.30am

Start of the Fourth Wave – 10k Red

Blue Wave Arrival Time

  • 11am

Start of the Fifth Wave – 10k Blue

The organisers say if you would like to run with a friend designated a different arrival and start time, you must drop back to the later time - runners cannot start off earlier.

But no half marathon runners will be allowed to start after 10:30, so all are encouraged to arrive on time.

The courses

The 10k and half marathon courses overlap, with two decision points on the route.

Runners should know where these are in advance, to make sure they remain on the right course.

But there will also be signage along the route.

The course for the 10km race travels through Bristol city centre this year. Credit: Great Bristol Run

Medical facilities will be posted near the start and finish line. Staff from St John's Ambulance and South West Ambulance Service will be spaced out around the course to help those who need assistance.

The half marathon course follows much of the same course as the 10k and shares a finish line. Credit: Great Bristol Run.

Food and entertainment

There will be six music stations along the course, which are as follows:

RSVP DRUMMERS - 1.5 MilesBATALA SAMBA - 3.5 MilesKABOOZLE - 8 Miles / 2kCHAI FOR ALL - 9 Miles / 4.5kDRUM RUNNERS - 10 & 12 Miles / 5k & 8.5kDANNY WHITE - 12.7 Miles / 9k

Friends and family cheering on runners can track them on the free Great Run App.

Every time a runner crosses over a timing mat around the course, the app will update their location so that their friends and family can see how they're getting on.

In the days following the event, official photos can be found at greatrun.org/photos, where they will also be available to purchase.

This year, there will not be any energy gels or bloks provided on the route due to coronavirus - so runners are encouraged to bring their own.

Travel and diversions

The Great Bristol Run is encouraging runners to get to the event using public transport, with Bristol Temple Meads about a one mile walk away.

There will be rolling road closures starting with Anchor Road at 4am on Sunday morning - but all roads should reopen by 5pm.

The full list of roads closed on Sunday 19 September in Bristol. All should reopen by 5pm. Credit: Great Bristol Run.

Roads will be reopened in phases once each section is clear of runners, litter and event infrastructure.

During the road closure, cars and other vehicles will not be able to access these streets.

More information can be found here.