Crowds celebrate as Great Bristol Run and other events return to the city

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The Great Bristol Run returned to Bristol after a two-year absence with thousands of professionals and amateurs taking part.

This year's event took place on Sunday, September 19 with the half marathon and 10km race happening on the same day for the first time ever.

As well as the Bristol 10K and the half-marathon race there was also the first ever race for the visually impaired across England.

Speaking ahead of his participation as a guide runner in the VI race, Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees said that it was amazing to see the event going ahead in the city once again.

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He said: "I am in the VI race today which is the first time there has been a VI race in England so that is good"

"This is about inclusion it is about people from all backgrounds participating and breaking down those barriers.

"I am worried about letting my partner down. It is amazing - it is particularly special coming off the back of Covid.

"It is still a challenge to us but we have missed that human connection and these large events are about inclusion and participation which is everything we want in this city."

Jac Cadell, a visually-impaired runner, said "trust" is important when completing the race with a guide Credit: ITV West Country

Jac Cadell, a visually-impaired runner, said: You just put a lot of trust in your guide runner.

She said: "You just have to listen really carefully to what they’re saying but also it’s good fun you have time for a chat as well most of the time."

Andy Graffin, from the Great Run Company, ensured that the event could go ahead with social distancing measures in place.

He said: "We’re spreading out the times people arrive, we’re spreading out the times they start which means people are more spread out on the course and the finish line so that all helps with the social distancing."

Omer Ahmed was thought to have won the men's half-marathon, while Chloe Richardson remains the first woman to finish the event.

Omer Ahmed won the men’s half-marathon while Chloe Richardson won the women’s version of the event.

She said: "It’s great! It’s so nice when you come through the finishing line and everyone’s saying ‘it’s the first lady’ – it’s nice.