Peter Andre says he'd move to Bristol with wife Emily as he stars in Grease at Bristol Hippodrome

Peter and his wife, Emily, say they love visiting Bristol. Credit: PA

Peter Andre has revealed he is "drawn" to Bristol and would move to the city with his wife and children, after spending a lot of his younger years visiting the area.

The singer and TV personality is currently starring as Teen Angel and Vince Fontaine in Grease the Musical at The Bristol Hippodrome.

Speaking to ITV West Country ahead of opening night, he recalled his love of Bristol - partly due to his late brother, Andrew.

"We all moved to Australia but my brother Andrew stayed behind and he was married, and he lived in Weston-super-Mare," said Peter.

"Whenever we would come to England we would go and visit Andrew, and we would stay with him, and he would take us to Bath and Bristol. These were the areas we used to do all the time."

Peter as Vince Fontaine in the UK tour of Grease the Musical. Credit: The Bristol Hippodrome

The singer lost his beloved older brother Andrew in 2012, but he still has a close connection to the West Country.

"When we lost Andrew, it overlapped with me meeting Emily, and she was studying here. Her mum and dad live in Taunton in Somerset. So all of a sudden I was coming here for a different reason. But I found it very hard at first.

"Then I saw it with Emily and I saw a whole different side to Bristol. The cafes, the foods, the restaurants here. I love it.

"Put it this way. Emily and I, before we settled where we live, were thinking of living here. We really were. We've spoken about it loads of times. We love Bristol.

"There's just something about it that has always drawn us. Every time Emily and I come here we go, 'This place is amazing!'. There's some beautiful houses here, there's just something special about it."

Peter is filling the shoes of two legendary Grease characters in the UK tour, which was postponed because of coronavirus last year.

"What makes it stand the test of time for me is the music," he said.

"The BeeGees - I don't know what they were thinking, but they wrote some absolute classics, and I think every time I hear them every night I don't get bored of them.

"It's unreal. It's a feeling I just can't explain."

  • You can see Peter at The Bristol Hippodrome until Saturday 25 September.