'Thank you NHS': Father shares moment daughter arrives in Bristol years after hospital treatment

27-09-21 Maggie Dorey in her Bristol University accommodation- Martin Dorey
Martin's daughter Maggie back in Bristol 17 years after receiving life-saving treatment in the city. Credit: Martin Dorey

A father has shared the moment he dropped his daughter off at The University of Bristol 17 years after receiving life-saving treatment at the city's children hospital.

Martin Dorey from Bude shared how his daughter Maggie had spent six months seriously ill in hospital with leukaemia.

Now, she will be living in a student room looking out onto Bristol Children's Hospital, where she was treated.

Mr Dorey's tweet has since been liked close to 150,000 times.

It reads, "Dropped Maggie at uni in Bristol today. From her new room you can see the room at Bristol Children's Hospital where, 17 years earlier, she spent 6 months fighting for her life against leukaemia.

"Tears of joy. Thank you, NHS."

The author and environmental activist soon received a reply from one of the nurses that had looked after Maggie as a child.

Charlotte Higby wrote: "Wow - that gives me goosebumps! As a nurse who looked after Maggie all those years ago, I can't tell you how much this post means."

Speaking to ITV News, Mr Dorey added: "We've got really fond memories of Bristol.

"When Maggie was in hospital, we felt like we were really loved and looked after and welcomed into the city. We moved our entire family there for six months while Maggie was being treated.

"It's a happy memory, not a sad memory because we were lucky that Maggie survived her treatment."