Man gets stuck at bottom of cliff in Cornwall while trying to save dog

RLNI rescue man stuck at bottom of cliff at Jackets Point
The RLNI rescue a man stuck at the bottom of the cliff at Jackets Point. Credit: BPM Media

Rescue crews were sent out after a man got stuck at the bottom of a Cornish cliff while trying to save his dog.

The owner had followed his pet after it slipped down the rock onto the beach at Jackets Point in Polzeath.

When the man realised he was stuck on Wednesday 22 September, the Coastguard was called and the RLNI joined the rescue mission.

Emergency services decided the safest way to save the man and his dog was a recovery by sea.

A spokesperson for Port Isaac RNLI wrote in a statement: "The dog had slipped down the rock onto the beach, the owner followed and ended up being unable to navigate back up the cliff.

"On inspection both coastguard teams agreed that a rope recovery was possible but a recovery by sea was safer.

"Port Isaac inshore lifeboat 'Pride of Port Isaac Goeth Porthusek' was launched. The volunteer crew arrived on scene and were guided in to the casualty, an assessment was carried out and life jacket placed on the casualty prior to extracting by sea.

"The casualty and his dog were taken safely back to Port Isaac where they were staying for the week. The boat was refuelled and readied for service. Thanks to all who responded."