'Listen, I can't remember' - Boris Johnson fails to name West of England Mayor

  • Boris Johnson fails to remember the name of the West of England Metro Mayor

The Prime Minister was unable to name the West of England's Metro Mayor Dan Norris during an interview with ITV News - but insisted he has "incredible" plans to "level up" the region.

During an interview with ITV West Country's Political Correspondent David Wood, Boris Johnson said he could not remember the Labour Mayor's name.

Mr Norris has been in post since May.

When discussing the Conservative's levelling-up agenda, the Prime Minister was asked if he knew who the Mayor was.

He replied "Listen, I can't remember" before insisting his party is doing "incredible things" to level up "the whole of the South West".

The Prime Minister went on to say: "To the best of my knowledge the Metro Mayor has not actually requested to see me."

But ITV News has since seen a letter from Downing Street turning down an invite from the Labour Mayor due to diary pressures.

Downing Street turned down Dan Norris' request to meet with the Prime Minister

West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: "Sadly the Prime Minister does not seem to remember my request for a meeting or the letter from his office declining it.

"I’ll write again, or email, or whatever method of communication he wants. But my message to the PM is clear - give me a date and time, and I’ll be there.

"From investment in high-tech car manufacturing, to the future of quantum computing, to tacking the climate emergency, there is lots to discuss.

"So Prime Minister, please show the people in our region the respect they deserve. That’s common courtesy and will be good for the West of England region and Great Britain PLC.”