Family reunited with pet dog who was 'snatched' from Cornwall farm

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A family has been reunited with their beloved pet dog who was 'snatched' from their farm at the weekend.

Three-year-old Jack Russell, Pippa, disappeared from the farmyard in Probus, near Truro, at 8pm on Sunday 3 October - leaving the family-of-four devastated.

The culprits were seen on CCTV pulling up in a car before Pippa disappeared.

Pippa's owner Sarah Withers said she felt "utter sickness" when the family realised she was missing.

"It's been horrendous. You just don't know what to do, you don't know where to look.

"You’re sat there thinking - I should be looking but I don’t know where to look."

Police believe Pippa was sold for £300 outside a pub in Truro.

After a post about Pippa on social media was shared around 7,500 times, someone in the neighbourhood spotted her being walked in the area and contacted the family.

"I cried obviously. I'm just extremely delighted. I think the kids are going to be extremely delighted when they get home from school," said Sarah.

The family are delighted to have Pippa home but are now urging others, particularly those living on farms, to stay vigilant.

Ross Withers said: "When you’re so rural it's quite easy - like today, I was down at the bottom of the yard with the sheep and the rams.

"If someone drives in my yard up here I don't know they've driven in my yard.

"So unless something goes missing and I go back on the cameras and look - that’s the only way to monitor it."