Video shows unmarked tractor dumping 'smelly' substance onto Cheltenham roads

Credit: @Urban_Pictures/ Twitter

An unmarked tractor has left a number of roads in Gloucestershire covered in a 'smelly' substance.

A video posted on Twitter by user Urban Pictures shows the blue tractor travelling through Cheltenham with a heavy-looking brown substance spilling onto the road.

According to the person who posted the video, "at least one motorist" has been left with a punctured tyre as a result of the debris.

It happened on the afternoon of Saturday 9 October and affected a number of areas, including Greenhills Road.

On Facebook, one local resident said: "Just to let people know, down Charlton Lane and Greenhills Road lots of muck is on the road, must have spilt out of a Lorry. My car now stinks!"

Another added: "Take great care coming down the hill from the hungry horse as the Tractor deposited some sharp rocks as well as the manure too."

Glos Roads has since updated members of the public and signs have been put onto the roads warning road users of the mess.

A contractor has also been called to clear the road and a spokesperson said they will be making enquiries into how it happened.

Gloucestershire Police has also been approached for comment.