Police arrest eight drug-drivers in two days in North Devon

Credit: Twitter / @DC_NoExcuse

Police in North Devon say they have stopped eight drug-drivers in two days, but are only "scratching the surface" of a much bigger problem.

In 48 hours, officers working for the force's No Excuse team have caught drivers who have tested positive for cocaine and cannabis.

Several drivers have been reported for prosecution, including some who were found driving with no insurance and had their vehicles seized.

One incident saw police catch an individual driving 72mph in a 50 zone who also tested positive for cocaine.

Their car was seized on behalf of the DVLA.

Another driver was stopped in Barnstaple over the weekend. They tested just under the drink drive limit but tested positive for cocaine and cannabis.

"Now in custody for a blood test," added police on Twitter.

The No Excuse team was set up in 2018 by Devon and Cornwall Police to help crackdown on illegal driving.

Seven dedicated officers target offences on the region's roads, including drink and drug driving, and driving without insurance.