'Out of control': Son's 10 positive and three negative Covid tests shock mum

How have the problems with testing impacted the public? Juliet Bremner reports

A mother from Cheddar has spoken of her worry and confusion as she fears her son may have received a false negative PCR test result - allowing him to return to school.

Gemma Tyson’s son Ashton returned 10 positive lateral flow tests but three negative PCRs.

He returned to school on September 8 but developed Covid symptoms three days later, including a headache and loss of appetite.

It has now been confirmed more than 40,000 people - mainly living in the South West - may have been given incorrect test results by a lab in the Midlands.

Gemma says she was concerned by her son's test results. Credit: BPM Media

It follows an investigation by NHS Test and Trace, who are now contacting people who could still be infectious.

Gemma said: “Knowing people are ignoring the positive lateral flow results and just focusing on the negative PCR results is scary.

"We’ve been told for over 18 months how important it is to stop the spread of this virus, now as we approach the crucial winter months for the healthcare system it feels like it's beginning to get out of control.

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"I work in health and social care, owning and running a supported living and domiciliary care agency, so these results concern me as the advice is to go by the results of the confirmatory PCR tests.

"If it was just an issue for my household I wouldn’t worry but I am aware of this happening to lots of people now.”

After being sent home from school on September 11, Gemma’s son took a lateral flow test - but his PCR test came back negative.

A picture of one of Ashton's positive lateral flow tests. Credit: BPM Media

NHS Test and Trace say the 43,000 people who may have been given incorrect results took tests between September 8 and October 12.

“Ashton had positive lateral flows for nine days in total,” she added.

“This was using three different brands of lateral flow test. Two brands provided by the NHS and one brand purchased privately.

"He also tested positive on a finger prick blood test and also a saliva test.

“It needs to be made clear that if you have symptoms and a positive result on any test, you need to isolate.”