Jimmy Carr pokes fun at Bristol accent - prompting shocked reply from Stephen Merchant

The comedian posted this photo on his Twitter and Instagram before his Hippodrome show last night. Credit: Jimmy Carr/ Twitter

Jimmy Carr marked his arrival in the West Country by making a joke about the Bristolian accent.

The comedian was in Bristol as part of his Terribly Funny tour, performing at the Bristol Hippodrome on Sunday 17 October.

He took in some of the city's sights before the performance and shared a photograph of the harbourside on Twitter.

In it he described the city as "beautiful" - but revealed he is not a fan of the Bristolian accent.

The tweet prompted a reply from comedian Stephen Merchant, who grew up in Hanham.

He wrote: "I’ve known you 20 years and you thought my accent wasn’t beautiful? Do other people feel this way? Why didn’t you say something!"

Jimmy replied: "Your accent is gert lush my lover."

Locals weren’t quite sure that the comedian had nailed down the tone, with one commenting: “Moi luvvvver. Get it right Jimmy.”

But overall the joke seemed to be taken in good spirits by Jimmy Carr's West Country fans.

One wrote “careful me babber” while another commented: “Just close your eye and pretend they’re pirates. Very effective.”