Couple fined for driving in Bath bus lane - thanks to 'number plate' on woman’s T-shirt

David and Paula Knight were fined for driving in a bus lane - after council cameras confused this woman's t-shirt with their registration plate. Credit: David Knight

A couple from Surrey were slapped with a £60 fine for driving in a bus lane in Bath - thanks to one woman’s T-shirt.

David and Paula Knight, who live in Dorking, received the ticket from Bath and North East Somerset Council which said they had been caught driving in the Argyle Street bus lane on July 29.

The couple knew straight away there must have been a mistake, because neither of them were in the city on the day in question.

A copy of the letter - and photographs - the Knights were sent in Surrey. Credit: David Knight

But what they did not expect was the photographic evidence included with the fine, which left them in stitches.

The images showed a woman strolling in the bus lane in a T-shirt marked ‘KNITTER’, which the council managed to confuse with the Knight’s personalised registration plate - KN19TER.

Mr Knight told ITV News West Country he and his wife visit Bath every year, and initially mistook the fine for a “wind-up” by friends.

The Knight's Volkswagen van and their KN19 TER number plate, which is a reference to Mr Knight's nickname. Credit: David Knight

It was only when the local authority sent a demand for payment the couple realised it was genuine.

A spokesperson for Bath and North East Somerset Council said: "I can confirm we withdrew the PCN as soon as it was brought to our attention."