Rodents chew through North Devon internet cables

Rodents have managed to chew through network cables in North Devon. Credit: PA/ Alex Davis - DevonLive

Residents in an area of North Devon were left without internet access after rodents chewed through cables.

Openreach, who run and maintain the network across Torridge, sent engineers to investigate after problems were reported over the weekend (October 16/17).

Properties in Bideford, Clovelly, Hartland and Horns Cross have been affected while outages were also reported in Parkham, Woolfardisworthy and Buckland Brewer.

And according to a company spokesperson, rodents are to blame.

Homes in Woolfardisworthy were affected by the outage. Credit: Alex Davis - DevonLive

“Our telephone and broadband network in and around the Bideford, Clovelly, Hartland and Horns Cross exchange areas has been damaged by rodents,” an Openreach spokesperson said.

“The outage is currently affecting approximately 1,800 customers.

“Our engineers are working hard to get the repairs done quickly and safely; we don’t have an estimated repair time yet but will keep you updated as they progress.

“We understand how frustrating this must be for anyone is affected and thank residents and businesses for their patience.

"We encourage anyone experiencing any disruption with their service to report it to their provider who will then inform us. Damage to our network can also be reported online here."