Lorry filming for Stephen Merchant's new BBC show falls into Bristol Harbour

A lorry has fallen into Bristol harbourside.

The lorry - which was part of a film crew setting up in the area - ended up in the water near Millenium Square at around 7am this morning (Thursday 21 October).

The driver was uninjured but "shaken up" as a result of the incident.


The rear of the articulated vehicle remains partially submerged in the water but has been secured by Avon Fire and Rescue Service.

The area is cordoned off while crews work to remove the lorry but 1,000 litres of fuel must be drained before it can be moved.

Three fire engines, a heavy rescue tender and a boat are on the scene. ITV News understands a HGV is on its way to Bristol from Wales to help drain the fuel tank.

The submerged lorry was at the location for filming of season two of Stephen Merchant’s new BBC show The Outlaws.

'These accidents do happen' - fire service manager

Gareth Lloyd, group manager at Avon Fire and Rescue Service, told ITV News: "On arrival we found a driver - luckily outside of the vehicle."

He added: "These accidents do happen don't they at times.

"There's a filming company that are setting up and this is part of their equipment.

"Somehow they've managed to roll back off the site."

A spokesperson for the production said: “An accident occurred involving one of our production vehicles. No-one was hurt or in the vehicle.“We are investigating what happened and working on removing the vehicle as quickly and safely as possible.”

Pictures from the scene

It is not clear how the lorry ended up in the water. Credit: Siri Thomas
The area around the lorry has now been cordoned off, and efforts are underway to remove it safely. Credit: Siri Thomas
Credit: Nicky Lowe
Filming was taking place in the area. Credit: BPM Media

The lorry is located on the edge of Millennium Square, just along from the V-Shed Wetherspoon pub, on the corner by the Revolucion de Cuba restaurant.

Filming was known to have been taking place in the area, and the fire service told ITV News the HGV was part of the setup.

The lorry being secured after falling into the harbour Credit: Nicky Lowe

Work is now underway to pull the lorry out of the water, with pictures showing the removal process.