Moment lorry is pulled from Bristol Harbour after being stuck for eight hours

  • Moment lorry is pulled from harbour

A lorry which has been stuck in Bristol Harbour for eight hours has been recovered by emergency services.

The HGV became partially-submerged in the water at around 7am this morning.

The driver was unharmed but "shaken" and Avon Fire and Rescue Service managed to secure the lorry quickly - but it took hours to fully recover it from the water.

Hundreds of litres of fuel had to be drained from the vehicle before it could be moved.

The lorry being secured after falling into the harbour Credit: Nicky Lowe

The HGV - which was part of a film crew for Stephen Merchant's new BBC show The Outlaws - was finally recovered at around shortly after 4pm.

A spokesperson for the fire service said: "Firefighters have successfully assisted a vehicle recovery company in retrieving a lorry from Bristol Harbour.

"They will be leaving the scene shortly."

Meanwhile the production company responsible for the film set has said it is "investigating" the incident.