'It's really emotional' - Wiltshire dad walks 1,000 miles barefoot for daughter

The 1,000-mile barefoot walk through 12 US states took him 45 days to complete. Credit: Family handout

A Wiltshire army major has finished an epic and "really emotional" journey in an effort to raise money for a treatment for his daughter.

Major Chris Brannigan spent 45 days walking barefoot along the east coast of the USA and has managed to raise £100,000.

The money will go towards trying to find a treatment for Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS), which his daughter Hasti, aged nine, was diagnosed with in 2019.

The condition results in reduced growth, speech and language difficulties, hearing problems and limb abnormalities. Children with CdLS also often suffer from seizures and severe anxiety.

As he crossed the finish-line of the 45 day walk, Major Chris Brannigan said: "It's been a really emotional journey. I've found it to be so hard. I actually don't have words - it's been incredibly difficult.

Hasti’s condition has left her with several learning challenges Credit: Chris Brannigan/PA

"This is the end of 1,000 miles barefoot but it's not the end of our journey. That will only be accomplished when we have a treatment for Hasti and other kids with CdLS.

"Just because it's rare doesn't mean you shouldn't care."

The 1,000-mile barefoot walk around 12 US states took 45 days to complete.

This is not the first of his fundraising efforts - Major Brannigan has already walked 700 miles barefoot across the UK and raised £500,000.

As a result, he went on to win ITV West Country's Fundraiser of the Year award last year.

You can find more information about Chris' fundraising and how to donate on the Hope For Hasti fundraising page.