Watch: Halloween fun at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm as animals given pumpkins as treats

Giant pumpkins have been given to the elephants, giant tortoises, rhino and tapirs at Noah's Ark Zoo to enjoy as a seasonal treat.

It comes after the North Somerset Zoo grew more than 1,000 pumpkins, using elephant dung as a fertiliser.

Connor Dennis, who is an elephant keeper at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, said: "Pumpkins are a special yearly treat for the animals. They recognise the surprise and they really don’t last long with them.

"It’s always fantastic to see what the elephants think of the pumpkins and to hear the very satisfying ‘crunch’ sound they make when squashed.”

The zoo is also home to giant tortoises, white rhinos and tapirs who got to enjoy the autumnal treat.

Giant Tortoises enjoying the zoo grown pumpkins at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm Credit: Doug Evens
White Rhino, Rumbell enjoying the pumpkin treats at Noah's Ark Zoo. Credit: Doug Evens