Shocking dashcam shows car dangerously overtake horse in Cornwall

  • Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police.

Shocking dashcam footage of a speeding car overtaking a horse and rider has been released by Devon and Cornwall Police.

The footage was submitted to the force as part of their ongoing Operation Snap initiative, which has led to the prosecution of dozens of drivers.

The scheme was launched in 2019 and since then, nearly 1,500 notices of intended prosecutions and 600 warnings have been issued to motorists across Devon and Cornwall.

The horse rider incident - which happened on B3285 at Penhallow - was just one of several incidents caught on camera released by the force this week.

Other examples included one driver who was caught on dashcam on the notorious A361 near Barnstaple and another on the A30 near Five Lanes in Cornwall.

The footage was submitted as part of Devon and Cornwall Police's Operation Snap. Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

Superintendent Adrian Leisk, who is the strategic lead for roads policing, said: "I’d like to remind drivers that when overtaking cyclists or horses you must give them at least 1.5m of space and reduce your speed significantly when doing so, as the animals may react to danger and behave unpredictably, placing the rider at increased risk.

“If it isn’t safe to overtake, please wait. Is it worth risking another human life to save a few seconds? 

“If you place someone’s life in danger, there’s a strong chance you will end up being reported to us and facing the consequences.”

Op Snap encourages drivers - or horse riders, pedestrians and cyclists - to submit video evidence of any poor driving they witness.