Bath’s Harmonie-Rose wins Pride of Britain award

Bath's Harmonie-Rose has won a Pride of Britain award. Credit: Freya Hall

Bath’s Harmonie-Rose Allen has won a Pride of Britain.

The inspiring seven-year-old, who lost her arms and legs to meningitis, has won the Child of Courage Award.

Judges said it was in recognition of her bravery and unbreakable spirit and for inspiring the nation with her achievements.

This includes taking part in the Bath Half Marathon and completing various physical challenges during the first lockdown.

Harmonie-Rose playing football in her England kit. Credit: Hope4Harmonie

Host Carol Vorderman, who lives in Bristol, said: “My favourite part of the Awards are the winners and how happy they are that they’re being celebrated. 

“These incredible people make you want to be a better person. And even though everyone says how much it makes them cry, it is a celebration too of all the truly extraordinary things they have done.”

Harmonie-Rose was just 10-months-old when she was diagnosed with meningitis.

She was given a 10% chance of survival and had to have both her legs and arms amputated.

The Pride of Britain awards will be shown on ITV on November 4.

But since then, she has continued to defy the odds.

With public help and family support, the youngster has thrived and now enjoys writing and drawing as well as many sports including swimming, dancing, gymnastics.

Co-host Ashley Banjo added: “I have so much respect and admiration for all of the winners’ and I can’t wait to meet them, see the look on their faces as they are surprised and celebrated and to experience this really special moment with them.”

The awards will be broadcast on ITV on November 4 at 8pm.