Disappointment for Brixham as £20 million funding bid fails

Torbay Council hoped to put the money towards Brixham Harbour, leading to the creation of jobs

Torbay Council has failed with its bid for up to £20 million of funding for Brixham Harbour.

The application was made with the aim of improving Brixham’s Fish Quay and market and creating a new electronics and science production park.

But the authority has had its bid rejected by the UK Government, which is using money from its £4.8bn 'Levelling Up Fund' to boost communities.

More than 100 bids around the UK have been awarded a combined total of £1.7 billion from the fund, with another £3.1 billion to be awarded after the next application window opens in 2022.

Torbay Council has described the failure of the bid as 'disappointing news'

The funding is said to be for investing in 'infrastructure that improves everyday life across the UK, including regenerating town centres and high streets, upgrading local transport, and investing in cultural and heritage assets.'

Cllr Darren Cowell, Deputy Leader of Torbay Council, said: “We are disappointed with the news that we were unsuccessful with our bid. A successful outcome would have created new jobs supporting the growth of Torbay’s key sectors and attracted inward investment.

“The impact of not securing this funding not only means over 9,000sqm of much needed employment infrastructure not being enabled and developed, but the loss of £29m of potential economic growth to an economy which urgently needs support to increase productivity and the value of jobs. 

“Restricting the growth of local industry could ultimately move sectors out of the Bay which will be further detrimental to the local economy.” 

Cllr Swithin Long, Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration, Tourism and Housing, said; “Despite the disappointing news, the council will continue to invest in the local economy.

“With regards to the expansion of Brixham’s Fish Quay and Market, we remain committed to exploring other funding opportunities as well as working with our community partners to deliver a scheme that is right for Brixham. 

"Despite this disappointing news, we continue to develop other projects across Torbay where we have been successful in securing grant funding.”

Torridge District Council also saw its ‘Bid for Bideford’, which sought to transform the heart of Bideford as part of a £10.9m scheme, not included in the first allocation of £1.7 billion announced yesterday.