The Somerset pub teetering on the edge of a disappearing cliff

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A Somerset pub which is teetering on the edge of a receding cliff is preparing for a challenging winter.

As world leaders try to tackle climate change at the Cop26 summit in Glasgow, ITV West Country re-visited the Blue Anchor pub which has been badly affected by coastal erosion for years.

Located between Minehead and Watchet, the pub had to stop trading in 2018 because of the erosion - a crack appeared in the morning and by the afternoon most of the garden had disappeared.

When Cara Strom took on the Blue Anchor it was the heart and soul of the village. Credit: ITV West Country

A year ago, 1800 tonnes of rock were placed at the foot of the cliffs below the pub and it reopened in May this year- a temporary measure which landlady Cara Strom says is working for now.

But she says she's still living in fear it could collapse.

She said: "You can see from the discolouration of the water that the cliffs are constantly being eroded. Every time the tide comes in, it's washing more of the land away."

"Holding back the relentless action of the sea isn't easy. Winter storms are the biggest worry - they look at the weather forecast slightly differently here.

"I constantly check the tide heights. So when there's a full moon, high tide and a storm, that's when I start to go into a slight panic mode.

"I'm kind of up all night and then you can hear it. From inside you used to be able to feel it. When the tide hits, you could feel the vibrations from inside."

Work on a new £4m defence scheme for the pub is due to begin in the spring.