Devon 'tent boy' camps out on hotel balcony after winning Pride of Britain Award

  • Watch as Max reacts to becoming a Pride of Britain winner

A boy from Devon has won a national award after spending more than 19 months sleeping in a tent for charity.

Max Woosey was given the 'Spirit of Adventure' Pride of Britain Award for raising close to £700,000 for North Devon Hospice.

But even a glamorous awards ceremony could not interrupt Max's challenge - and he pitched up his tent on the hotel balcony.

"It was lovely, but unfortunately I forgot it was London," he told ITV News.

"So I had the constant cars going past, so I didn't get much sleep that night."

Max in his tent on the hotel balcony in London. Credit: Family picture

Max's journey started when his neighbour Rick gave him a tent before he died, instructing him to have an adventure.

Max then began a challenge to sleep in the tent in his garden - whatever the weather - for the duration of the first lockdown and raised hundred for North Devon Hospice.

But as the weeks turned into months, Max showed no sign of wanting to stop.

Now nicknamed 'Tent Boy', Max has met Prime Minister Boris Johnson and England captain Harry Kane as part of his charity challenge.

Max with England captain Harry Kane. Credit: Family picture

Speaking about the awards ceremony, he said: "Honestly, I was starstruck by all of them. They were all absolutely amazing."

"The whole adventure has been absolutely amazing, so in the future hopefully I'll be playing professional rugby and still in my tent," said Max.

"It was absolutely lovely," his mum Rachae Woosey added.

"For the four of us, just looking at Max with pride and knowing that we were there because of what he'd done was just so special.

"And his sisters have stayed out of most of it, so to share it with them was lovely."

  • The Pride of Britain Awards will be broadcast on ITV on Thursday 4 November at 8pm.