Plymouth house covered in mould and rubbish put up for sale

Camperdown Street, Plymouth. BPM Media

A house in Plymouth with mould-covered walls which is filled with mountains of rubbish has been put up for sale.

The property in the Stoke area of the city is filled with cider bottles and other rubbish is piled-high within its rooms.

Mould has taken over much of its walls and outside nettles and vines make it difficult to gain access.

The semi-detached home has been put up for auction, having been acquired by a property company when its owners died and their son was 'unable to cope'.

Parts of ceiling are falling apart Credit: BPM Media

The three-bedroom property has a moderate guide price of £110,000. Smaller, terraced properties on Camperdown Street have sold for £180,000 in recent months.

But there is some good news for whoever purchases it - the house will be cleared before it is sold.

The company contracted to clear the home estimates it will take six men an entire week to get it into a state fit enough to be seen by prospective buyers.

The walls of the home are covered in mould Credit: BPM Media

Inside the house, newspapers - dating back to as far as 2008 - plastic bags and other debris cover most of the floor.

The most striking sight is the dozens of cider bottles scattered across the floor - but they are filled with urine, not cider.

The kitchen floor is completely covered with carrier bags, milk cartons and old food packaging, while worktops are buried beneath pizza boxes, egg boxes, and jars of sauce.

The bathroom is covered with thick blotches of black mould; elsewhere walls are warped and discoloured.

Ivy has grown out of control and and now envelops the side of the house Credit: BPM Media

Part of the ceiling has collapsed onto the kitchen table and exposed some of the floor above along with a smattering of cobwebs.

On the outside, nettles and vines makes access to the blue front door difficult, while ivy has grown out of control and and now envelops the side of the house, the windows and the roof.

The house, which was last sold in 2003, will go on sale at Auction House Devon and Cornwall on November 18.